Best 3 moments of the day

It’s been almost a month since I’m back to my Ashtanga. Few things feel so good in life such as being back home to the practice where you feel you belong. New routines, new establishments and I’ve thought as lot on moments.

Sharing here the three single best moments of a normal day.

1. The adjusted dog

You have made it out from bed, walked the doggo, got your stuff together for the day and made it to the yoga studio. You’ve started your practice and started to scan through body, brain and mind how you are feeling and doing today. Perhaps 5 sun salutations in, sometimes 3, sometimes 7, the teacher or an assistant comes to adjust your dog. Damn it feels so good, like the whole spine is being stretched, every single bone, long spine and so light in the hands. It’s like that single adjusts me for the whole day and my whole being can start to function again. Best thing ever.

2. The morning mantra

Part of why I like the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice so much is the routine, the tradition, the slight spartan take on yoga. Here there is no music, no fluff, no props, no glimmery gymnastics yoga. Just breath, sweat, presence, discipline and a togetherness that’s hard to explain. Some kind of understanding for why we are doing this. Perhaps half an hour in to the practice, 7 am to be precise, we all gather for this beautiful morning mantra. There is something so powerful when a group of people sing together sanskrit words. We sing for life, for our practice, for our loved ones, a concentration, a beautiful gathering in the morning.

3. After practice, having porridge, journaling & the after effects

After all of that hard work it’s time to rejuice. Porridge buffet, lit candles and some me time, reflecting on life, journaling. The body feels light and strong, the mind fresh and calm and I’m ready to face whatever might come that day. Having this practice makes my days much more stable. There is a sense of achievement and fulfillment already before 9 am and then it doesn’t matter so much what happens after. In a sense, I feel the day is already completed.

Without hesitation, these are the three best moments of my day. Apart from spending time with my doggo of course.

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