The power of Kapalabathi

I’m so grateful to have found a yoga place that involves all or at least many of the lineage of yoga. This includes a regular Pranayama breath practice. Whilst doing the teacher training two years back, this was maybe one of the areas where I learned the most.

How powerful our breath is! It’s like one of those fire pumping tools you use to regular the fire in the fire place. It can be used in so many ways, to calme down, to balance, to endure, focus, look within, finding strength, balance, power, energy and expanding our lungs.

I’m slowly and finally getting into more of a routine, one which involves at least 2 strong Ashtanga Vinyasa inspired flow classes a week. It becomes a breathing hole in the week to regulate whatever is there to deal with.

Today I had a blocked neck / shoulder which had bothered me the whole day, despite tigerbalsam and office stretching. Boom 90 min of yoga after and all pain is good! Isn’t that what you call effective pain release?

More so often, we practice Kapalabathi breathing and it’s like my whole system just remember this from teacher training. No thinking but the body just does whatever is right. Kapalabathi is a breathing technique that is also called the breath of fire.

Excellent to detox, get energy, cleanse and get in contact with that fire of yours. Rapidly breathing focusing only on the exhale, the whole diafragm works and we get pumped up from within. (No coffee needed)

So in this time of year, perhaps try to not to reach for the forth cup of coffee but perhaps try a firy breath instead? Who knows what you might discover.

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