When yoga brings you back to tango and home

I know that this is kind of a yoga blog, but I’ve come to realise that tango and yoga are interconnected for me. Yoga reminds me on who I want to be on the inside, tango on the outside, whilst connecting with the inside.

I guess you need both. Having gone from quite extreme periods with tango 7 days a week, up to 20h in a day in some marathons. And with yoga twice of practices a day for 4-5h. I am maybe a littlebit insane, but when you live something so fully, it’s hard to not get carried away.

Anyways, I’ve come to realise that life isn’t a marathon. You can’t do one or the other but you need both. Perhaps I needed such a break from tango, or yoga at times so that I could go and miss it.

Last weekend I attended a workshop at my yoga studio. Maybe it wasn’t so much, or whatever you call yoga. But it was an afternoon on how we can find more meaningful connections in our everyday life and tap into our creativity. Well this day was so strong for me that I realised that I’ve really missed tango. To almost a physical level.

Yoga reminds me of connecting with myself (because we do forget sometimes, breathing and stuff) or even asking ourselves how we are. We ask everyone else but how often do we ask ourselves?

But it’s not enough, that day I realised I missed something else. Connection to other people, and at a deeper level than friend and work connections.

Tapping into something deeper that only tango can make me feel. It’s like a dream state between reality and dream where you get carried away. I guess in a way yoga can make you feel that to, when the music flows and you stop thinking and the body just moves. The difference with tango is that two people need to have the same connection. Which makes it much harder and also more interesting.

So after 10 years or so of exploration perhaps I’ve found that Shiva’s dance.

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