Get out of your head and into your body

A rediscovery into the dancing body.

What a gem! I’ve found ecstatic dance in the heart of Stockholm! Free and non judgemental wild dance is something I associate either to Ecstatic dance in the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, or the Ubud Yoga centre.

In younger days, that child like free dancing could also take place in Thailand.

After 3 months of trying to make it, I finally made it to the Sundays famous Chakra dance meditation. The class was led by a charming middle aged man whom I’ve seen before. You could tell that it’s someone who has been doing a lot of work on himself being at peace with the world.

Chakra focus

The focus was the first root Chakra, regardless if Chakras resonates with you or not, the focus steers what kind of music is being played and where we should put our intentions. I’m so happy I finally have found a place that also teaches those other practices of yoga, not just physical movements as often associated in the West.

The teacher told us briefly about the Chakra of focus, what happens if there is imbalance and how it can manifest itself in life. Then it was time to dance!

Slowly first, building it up, closing your eyes and try to connect to the body which is often forget. Why I love this kind of dance is that it’s totally different from yoga or any other training. When we train our body, we force it to be in a particular shape. Run like this, do that, bend left, tension in muscles and so on. When was the last time you just let go and really listened to what your body wanted to do? Not your mind putting your body into a shape but let your body lead.

Children do this, they move i a carefree way but as we grow up we forget. What is so nice in this yoga studio is that it’s really non judgemental. The focus is on being and do practices that makes us feel good and become better human beings.

Let go

If you are not used to this kind of setting it can of course feel a bit strange first. Dancing “ugly-dance” is the Swedish translation for it “ful-dansa” in a room with strangers. Closing your eyes and just let go. If you want to lie on the floor do so, if you want to dance low, go ahead, jumping up and down and it’s incredible the different forms our body can take if we give it the chance.

There were some girls giggling to this new experience but mostly because they were happy. I believe everyone loves dancing, if you take out the equation of being good at something. Everyone can dance.

The music was building up and then it became a full clubbing experience! Minus the alcohol, make-up and weird men situation and hangover of course.

Connecting to yourself

So beautiful, people of all ages and backgrounds coming together to just dance on a Sunday afternoon. One elderly woman was doing her thing in the corner, connecting with herself in a way she needed. An elderly man in the middle obviously remembering his wild youth exploding in happiness singing to “born to be wild” by XXX.

And what an exercise! Warm, sweaty and happy. You dance mostly for yourself but I knew some friends there so we were smiling at each other.

What music was played? First very low tones of vibrant music that made me just want to shake my body and ground myself. Then some famous tunes, pop, rock, electronic, some quite hard core. After almost an hour of intense dancing, the music slowed down. This is always my favourite part. Observing what is happening, reconnecting once everything has come out.

The tempo slowed down more and more, always listening to what you needed. Some people sat down to meditate, some moved slowly and some lied down on the floor.

Release what is underneath

This can also release a lot of emotions. One girl had an emotional time but in a beautiful way. Maybe she was connecting to a place that was long time forgotten. The teacher assisting us in the best way giving tissue paper for people who needed.

It’s so important that we let ourselves be and feel what we feel. If anger comes up, be with it. If sadness comes up, be with it. I find that in modern life, we often need to be in a certain way, not allowing time for us to really be in touch with ourselves.

I even cried some in stillness as I was meditating. Tears of happiness to reconnect to a part I so well recognise and happy to have found it again.

Afterwards me and some girl friends (some new faces also) reunited in a group hug before sitting in the lounge drinking blood orange juice.

I beautiful experience. And regardless if you practice yoga, believe in chacras and other yoga beliefs, I think everyone would benefit to go to a session like this once in a while.

After a heavy week, feeling tired stressed and uninspired, I left with a smile on my face, warm body and heart, some new friends, soft skin and a happy body that had been moving the way it wanted.

So try to get out of your head sometimes and listen to your body. What does it want today?

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