Blissful Yoga & Santosha – Post full moon practice in the rain

I’ve just had such a beautiful practice. Yesterday, it was the closest and biggest full moon since 1948. It was indeed an electric evening that you read more about here (Cacao Ceremony). Today, it was like everything calmed down. From the energy of the moon, today was more like nature settled. It’s incredible when you live so close to nature. You become so aware. Sunrise, sunset, the light, the wind, the leaves, sounds, animals and even the mood of the earth become more present.


In the morning the sun was shining and just as I headed to the practice on my scooter, the powerful monsoon rain started to poor down. Luckily I had my raincoat, such a powerful experience to ride through the rain so strong. It was so powerful that I could hardly keep my eyes open. I could feel this special energy as I walked into class and found it surprisingly easy to sit in meditation.


I’m still currently in a stage where I’m exploring different teachers here so this was a new one. So calm, grounded, and present. The whole class was like a long relaxed breath. So soothing, slow  and strong at the same time. I found myself in an Ashtanga moving meditation moving with one breath at the time. Not pushing too hard, not judging, just flowing. This is how I like my yoga to be!

It was almost like I was looking at myself from outside of my body, an out of the body experience. The teacher encouraged us to close our eyes throughout the practice and I think I had them closed for more than half of the class. It was a long time ago since I had this feeling in a yoga class and feeling this kind of “yoga high”. 


The focus of the whole room was just so beautiful. Imagine 50-60 people moving and breathing at the same time. Every movement slowly like we were really feeling each pose and sensations throughout each limb.

Once in a while, the group let out a blissful sigh and when the rain started to pour down on the roof top it was just mesmerizing.


I think I’ve never felt so grounded and aware and it was like I didn’t want it to end. But all good things have to come to an end and in yoga, we learn how to not cling onto thoughts or things.  

The final Savasana took me to another place and I have no idea for hong long I as away for. 5, 10, maybe 15 minutes. Time didn’t matter anymore and it was almost like being asleep but at the same time really awake, strange feeling. I realised after a while that the teacher was talking but I have no idea for how long for and slowly I started to come back to reality (partly with contentment).

Once back, it was so special to have that feeling with everyone in the room. Afterward it was like floating on pink clouds and I literally swayed out like surfing on Aladin’s magic carpet. 

The importance of time

After class, I felt like it was time for some “me” time. When was the last time you had some time for yourself? Not with a to-do list, not with a computer or a phone or anything distracting. So here I am in Yoga heaven in Ubud, Bali, with a hot chai latte and raw chocolate cake with mint and goji berries. Heaven! Listening to the rain, enjoying the moment. If you ever come to Bali, this is the place, yoga, spiritual practice, delicious raw food and 4 chocolate factories, and good coffee. 

We are exactly where we need to be, so enjoy that moment a little bit more.

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