Now is a good time for introperspective journaling and sleeping – Discovery of Restorative yoga & the Yin

Wow, I’ve just had the most amazing Saturday ever. It’s amazing how you can set your intentions and start a good day already on the night before. One aspect to another, it was like I was on this train of constant flow and everything just made sense. My last yoga practice of the day was a Restorative Yoga which I’ve never tried before. A full relaxation experience we should allow ourselves more often to do. 


An amazing Saturday

I went to bed early yesterday as I knew I had to get up at 2:30 to do a work shift before Satsang practice. Slowly I start to settle into new working hours (4 am – 10am) but some mornings are hard. Today though it was surprisingly easy to wake up and I was focused, determined and creative and managed to finish all work before 7:30 in the morning. What an amazing feeling!

Then I was off for 3h of Satsang Practice where I had no idea what to expect. Anyways this left me in a completely peaceful and new state of mind. It was like feeling happy, calm, and energetic at the same time. It’s hard to describe.

New friendship

We met up with a few friends and it was one of those moments where everyone just happened to sync and end up in the same place sharing the same vibe. A big group of friends for a Saturday brunch, what could be better? Few hours, smoothies, kefir, coconut drinks, granola bowls and cauliflower sushi we were all bursting out in lively but deep discussions about life. It’s funny how you travel half the world, you meet people and within an hour it’s like you’ve known each other forever.


Time to go and life was floating. Have you ever had one of those days? Like the feeling after a particularly good yoga class and the next spontaneous event just happens one after the other? Some days maybe it’s just meant to be if we are alert and listen enough. Maybe we should stop controlling things around us so badly. Do this, do that, agenda here, meetings and really no space for tuning in with what’s there for us.

Stress as a “normal” condition in society

I’m saying that but in a past life, I was a control freak! Post-its on the walls, working on projects until 4/5 in the morning, spreading papers on the floor like there was no tomorrow. Such a destructive behaviour and stress is really bad for us. We hear it all the time but really, so why do we continue to stress? Is one of the verdicts in our society that we “should” be stressed, have a busy life, run like chickens from one point to another to become socially acceptable? I don’t know, but these are thoughts that come to me. 


Vibrating floors

Anyways, a quick dip in the pool and I was off to my Vinyasa Flow class I was waiting for since 2 days. Again, it’s mad how you get addicted to this, yesterday I ended up missing out on all my practices and it literally felt like a week when in fact it was just one day. After a particularly good class, I discovered that one of the trainers from my Yoga Teacher program was with us! The world is truly small and amazing. In the end of the class,there was a special guest coming in to play hang (PICTURE) for us in Savasana. Wow, that was just the ultimate experience! The whole floor was vibrating and he was just next to me. If you’ve never heard hang before it’s a really beautiful instrument that gives these vibes in the body when you hear it. 

Why Restorative Yoga is good for us

After this class, I simply didn’t want to leave this meditative state of mind so I decided to stay to try a Restorative yoga class with my favourite teacher here now. I was a little bit nervous as Yin yoga is really hard and painful for me. Somehow I’m much closer to Yang and physically challenging classes come more easily to me. Stillness and relaxation are really something I have to work for to accommodate in my life.

Restorative yoga is a 60 or 90 minutes class where the goal is to relax. In those full 90 minutes, we only did 4 poses, some which lasted for 20 minutes. Now all the poses are very comfortable and you use props like pillows, blankets, bolsters, and blocks. The idea is really to let go of any agenda and just let go. Let the nervous system relax and let gravity do the work. The props are used to support our body to really enter that deep state of relaxation.

This was a new experience for me and maybe it was because of my practice before or the Satsang in the morning but I really enjoyed just being and relaxing. It was like being in between an awake and asleep state of mind. Minutes became to longer ones and I just tuned in. It became darker outside and it was just very peaceful.

In the end of the class, it was like everything just dropped. The skies opened and the most powerful rain started to poor down. I think this is the strongest rain I’ve ever seen, it was like all elements just let go of everything. A beautiful moment. After this kind of practice, the teacher reminded us that it was an excellent time for journaling or just go to sleep, in this new state of mind.

Personally, I cuddled up in a  warm bath before entering the dream world. Maybe we all need to just relax a bit more and often in our lives, be less hype but to cool down to build up energy again. 

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