Where to find inspiration – Who inspires us in Yoga?

After almost 6 months of self-practice, I had a hard time to find inspiration. All that energy that you get from your peers, that group dynamics and inspiring yoga teachers to follow and who inspire you. Suddenly I was on my own and had to find my own motivation and discipline for my practice, even in a “non-yoga” city.


Why we need people who inspire us

Not only in yoga, but also in life, we need people to inspire us. How do we move forward? What do you do when you feel you have lost inspiration? Sometimes it’s hard to find that inner drive. Super excited after my Yoga Teacher Training I went off on a path to start this “new” life. I’ve never felt more alive, healthy, calm, and grounded as after that YTT. Truly a life changing experience.

Sometimes in life, we just feel stuck, undisciplined, unable to move forward, call it what you want. Of course, this can happen also outside of yoga, at work or in some other activity that you have. In this case, I started to feel lonely. Having a daily morning discipline is hard. Finding new routines and habits harder. Probably one of the hardest things there is.

What did work for me was to wake up at the same time every morning, I stopped being so judgemental thinking that I hadn’t done enough, that yesterday was better. My mind started to wander and I was sometimes thinking of other things. Maybe this is the real beauty of yoga, training the monkey mind and finding that discipline to become masters of ourselves.

Sometimes I do wonder if there are different spirits living inside me? Each with their own will. What helped was also that I started to use Instagram more, challenge myself and I started these yoga challenges with a new pose every day. This became a big motivator and I was excited to see what new pose I would try the next day. Also connecting to an online community was better than no community at all. This helped for those days when I just thought “why shall I practice today?”.

Perhaps also in a practice where you do the same poses every day I was happy to have some new elements as well. 5 months like that and it started to become hard. Then one day, it was like the universe had heard my voice! My teacher from the teacher training happened to come to France! First to Paris but then it became better, he was going to have some workshop in a city near me!

All that discipline and self-practice paid off. Immediately I signed up for a workshop with my partner. Even if it was going to be more or less the same that I had done during my training it didn’t matter! This is where the inspiration came in and everything took a spin.  Although there were weeks left everything changed in my practice.


The day came and I was in heaven being in a yoga studio with another 30 or so people, sweating, breathing together and that familiar voice and cues. 4h later my body was renewed, my eyes glittery and my mind at a different state. Although I did the same movements as every day this inspiration made everything different because of my teacher who is a big inspiration for me.

Even for days afterward, I had that “yoga high” in me and I knew I could practice on my own now for a while. I was planning my next trip to Bali and decided to take some time off teaching and to fully enjoy being a student again. After all, we learn through life and the more I learn, I realise how little I know.

Often we have several people who inspire us. I have a couple of yogis I admire and really look up to, each one of them for different things and how they make me feel. One for his amazing stories, life philosophy, calming voice and positive vibes. Another one who just makes the best Vinyasa playlists ever and can make 60 people move in trance. Different yoga, different styles and different teachers.

With time movements become more familiar and I don’t have to look so much. I know how it’s supposed to feel and I  find myself closing my eyes more and look on the inside. I think it’s important for everyone to have someone to inspire them. Who is that person that helps you become a better person? What makes you strive, move forward and become your true potential? Because we all need a bit of a challenge and moments that makes us spark. 


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