Mindful driving

I’m back in the car! After years of non-regular driving, it’s time to start to drive again. I haven’t been driving regularly for over 10 years, that’s a long time. Before that, I did drive quite a bit, in Sweden and all the way to Italy in my wonderful black Honda Prelude. I know, I do like cars, a bit more than most women maybe. 


Over the years, I have only been driving very sporadically, perhaps a few times in Sweden when I was there over the summer. The thing about driving though is that it is a little bit like cycling. Once you are there, you kind of remember how to do it. The thing though is that I’m in south of France and it’s not same as in Sweden.
The first time  I went off on my own I was kind of nervous. Parking, backing, people everywhere and small roads with a new car I didn’t know. I found myself kind of tense and not at all with those “soft” eyes you are supposed to have when driving.
Then something came over me and the yoga breathings started to kick in. I didn’t even think, it just happened, maybe my body has started to have its own life? Anyway, the Ujjayi was very welcome and instantly I became more calm, focused and managed to continue the route.
Two weeks later and I’m back behind the steer again like 10 years ago. More I start to realise that yoga is not really for what you do on the mat but serve an even greater purpose off the mat. What to do in stressful situations, what to do when things don’t go as planned and just how to start to like yourself a bit more and let go.

Angry drivers

Another thing happened two weeks ago. I was on this trip with my partner’s sister and his mum to a typical Provencal village (beautiful to die for) to go to the Wednesday market. The weather was nice, sunshine, 26 degrees and early in the morning. The light reflected on the old houses and everywhere, I could feel the perfume of lavender.
We walked past two really angry men (why is it always men who scream the loudest in conflict?). Anyway, no one had hit someone, it was just one man who thought the other man didn’t drive well, or he backed out in a half legitimate way. But they were so furious, I thought seriously they were going to start to hit each other. They started to bang on each other’s cars and like orangutans in the jungle approached each other soaking in testosterone and killing in their eyes.  
I could seriously not believe my eyes and even if one driver had maybe done something he shouldn’t. No one was hurt, no marks on any car and how can you just have the energy to scream and spend so much energy before 9am in the morning. Especially in a calm setting like that.
It made me think that there must be so many fights and accidents that are so unnessecary. Let’s say I did run into someone and he got a tiny scratch on his car. It’s just a car! As long as no one get hurt. And most people have insurance companies to take care of those things. We are all humans and make mistakes sometimes. Someitimes I wonder where the compassion is in the world. Maybe we should all do some more breath work to calm down before we engage in unneccessary disputes. 




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