To Bali and back

Where have I been? It’s been a while since I last wrote. One experience richer and I’m back again. In May I went to Bali for one month to complete a Yoga Teacher Training, a dream I’ve had for 5 years that finally came through. I learned about myself, to let go, and to accept who I am. 


There were so many things that happened in Bali. Every day was like a life journey I didn’t know how it was going to end. I spent some time to document all the strong feelings, resistance, challenges, and joy. Due to lack of wifi (which was actually quite good), I stored all those notes to post later. Well, as it happens in life when the moment came to post all of those precious notes, they were all gone…
This made me a bit sad so I became unmotivated to continue to write. Being in Bali was so strong and when I came back to “normal life”, I think I was in shock so I didn’t know what to write. One thing I’ve learned from this is to let go, not cling to the past and the things that don’t really matter. Acceptance and moving forward is what makes us happy.
I remember the first few days that already felt like weeks. Being so physically exhausted and doubting if I was going to make it. Then the routines that started. Yoga life for 12h every day and how much happiness it brought to me. I spoke to my family a few times and my partner said my voice even changed and I sounded more calm, lighter and more confident. I would recommend doing a Yoga Teacher Training to anyone, not only if you want to teach yoga but it’s a school for life.
So what has happened since May? I went to Thailand which is my second home. My yogi sister came to visit and it was fun to have that connection outside of Bali too. I went to my regular yoga place and felt the difference in my personal practice. Lessons that I thought were very hard before, now became light and I could easily do 2-3 practices per day, 3-4h per day was no problem.
It’s amazing to feel how your body transform. I’m not talking about how the body looks, we have enough of that obsession from media I think. No, I mean how it feels to be strong, light and to have power like never before. Feeling that strong makes me happy and I realise it might be a stronger effect than “just” being flexible.

Summer Yoga Journeys

June and July I’ve spent some beautiful months in the north of Sweden. I created a summer yoga series that I have twice a week in a yoga tent in a green flower garden. This was a big deal for me and a good lesson to take that knowledge from the training and teach my own students. It’s been fun and valuable to teach people from 8 years old to 65 with all kinds of bodies.
One of the most important lessons I took from the training is to teach what I practice. So I’ve kept up with my daily practice 6 days a week of Ashtanga yoga and have recently started to incorporate some Rocket yoga too. 

Yoga nostalgia

This week I’ve had some yoga nostalgia and I start to miss being part of a bigger yoga community. There is very little yoga where I’m now and although I’m happy to have created my own little tribe, I miss that energy that comes with a larger group.
This morning whilst working at the terrace I listened to this particular song on Spotify. It brought me back to those sweaty Tuesdays in the big Flow class in Shanghai with sometimes 60 students. Just by closing my eyes I could feel the vibe of those classes, even hear the teachers voice in my head for a moment. I realise how important it is to continue to learn and realise although now a certified Yoga teacher I’m just at the beginning of this lifelong journey. So thankful! 
This week I’ve been dreaming about Bali again and would love to stay there 1-2 months and hang out with the other yogis there. I don’t know if it’s the place, the climate or the rice fields. When I’m there, I feel like a different person. Maybe later this winter. Until then I’ll continue on this yoga journey and where it might take me. Namaste.







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