YTT Bali Day 7 – Dharma

Small routines start to settle in although every day there is something new. We learnt about a new pranayama technique today. All very powerful and I can actually see that the white of my eyes have become whiter after this week of yogi life.


Today we had several hours of philosophy lecture. It was so interesting, we were going through parts of the Bhagavadgita. Vedic and yoga philosophy, history of battles, wars, family twists and miracles.
Some parts are factual and some are symbolic but it was just so nice to learn about something intellectual again but from a different perspective. What struck me most was the concept of Dharma and Karma. So Dharma is not what we do, but it’s who we are. What is our duty in life? This doesn’t have to be your job but what gift has been given to us to share and fulfill ours and others lives?
All very philosophic discussions, questions and arguments all afternoon. Like school children, we sat in a circle why our philosophic guru chanted in Sanskrit telling us stories of Rama, Arjuna, Krishna and other personalities.
It was also his birthday so in the afternoon the yoga teachers came with a surprise cake. So much love and happiness here, it almost feels unreal. I do realise it’s almost like a secret world as I’ve never felt this much energy and compassion with such a big group of people before.
I have been to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert 5 years ago. But that was different. Yogi life is pure, it’s so much more than just the asana. Yoga is a way of life, life is yoga.
We also learned about 3 different energies that are linked to food. When I say food, I don’t only mean things that we drink or eat. Food is everything that we consume, people we meet, relationships we have, the music we listen to and films we are watching.
There is Sattvic, Rajastic and Tamastic energies. All foods can be linked to these three qualities of energies. A Sattvic state of mind is when we are focused, concentrated, in a productive state of mind. This kind of foods are fresh foods (less than 3h), examples are leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers.
Rajastic energy is energetic and dynamic. Food linked to this is spicy food and garlic. Finally, Tamastic is slow and dull energy. For many this is bad but it’s actually needed to get you down from the Rajastic energy and to be able to sleep for example. All fried food, meat, pizza, alcohol all that is Tamastic food as it makes us heavy and slow. It kind of make sense.

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