YTT Day 6 – The Wave

Today was such a special day that I will remember for the rest of my life. We started in the morning with Nali Kriya, I did probably 10 rounds or something, I guess you get used to this stuff.


The whole morning was like a big wave in the ocean where everything built up to something beautiful. After the Nali Kriya, we just danced. That was so nice just to move and we were all so happy. Dancing and just celebrating life. Then we did the block thing again. I was kind of dreading it as it was so painful the other day. It was still painful but less dramatic. We even held it for 5 minutes this morning.

We can do so much more than we think. We are all like butterflies waiting to be free. After, we did I think 6 rounds of Kapalabathi. That’s a lot and my stomach was kind of hurting afterwards.

No time to rest and we went straight into Nadi Shodana which is another pranayama. It’s all breath work where you breathe in and out through the right and left nostril to balance out the body. I think we did this for maybe 15 minutes.

After all of that practice we were all in a certain state of mind and then went into a very powerful meditation. We were sitting in pairs and just looking each others in the eyes. No blinking, no moving, just seeing and reflection of what was there and what we felt.

It was so strong, probably it wasn’t more than 3 minutes but it felt like an eternity. I did cry four times before lunch today, not of sadness but of happiness in life. It was so beautiful and magic.

We felt like one and really in sync with the universe. Maybe it sounds a bit cliche but that was really the case. Then we continued with our eyes closed. It’s so nice to feel these things again. I realise they are always there but most of the time we are not open, don’t have time to see the wonders around us.

It was beautiful to see something else in someone’s eyes and it was like all doors just opened. Most powerful for me was to feel and realise that before I felt kind of dead, or buried. And today I became alive again in that precise moment.

Then followed a lot of crying and hugging and it was such a nice energy in the shala. We rode on that energy straight into the Ashtanga practice that we did with music this time. Such a strong, wonderful practice. We all moved as one and our teacher moved as a higher spirit in the room.

I could feel the vibration of the music in my whole body, riding the waves of the breath and the body just followed. One of the most magical practices I have experienced. That whole morning was just like a different life, riding a strong wave of emotions and states of mind.

In the afternoon, it was like chapter two of the day. We had time at the pool, the sun was shining and life was beautiful. I think it was hard for many people as so many things got brought up. We spend so much energy to cover our different layers in life. When things come up we are not comfortable with it.

Today our philosophy teacher also arrived. We had a really interesting lecture on the history of yoga. From Bhagavadgita, prince Rama, Veda, Buddhism and to how Hinduism started. It was really interesting and I was so happy to be learning about something intellectual again.

He also sang in Sanskrit and that was amazing, it’s such a beautiful language. Afterwards, we had asana clinic again to go through some new poses, and then a smaller quiz on the Sanskrit names before the final afternoon practice.

Wow, now that I’m reflecting on it, it was a really long but beautiful day. We just came so close to each other. We don’t care who we were before but all that matters is who we are now, what we are transforming into become.

I have just finished homework and sitting here listening to some Balinese prayer and music coming from  the horizon. The crickets are singing and it’s soon time to go to bed. Such a magic day.

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