YTT Day 5 – Fun in Ubud

Today we only had the morning practices and then we had half a day off. We were all so much looking forward to this day. We have been working a lot for the past week and everyone wanted some time to recover.


The morning remained a very strong practice. We did stage 3 of Nali Kriya which is basically pumping the “mountain”. I’m just happy I kind of getting stage one so I’m just working on making that stronger. I never thought I would be able to do that so riding on that wave.
We did a really painful thing to prepare for Kapalbhati. We lied on our stomachs with a block between the floor and in between the hips and the ribs. The stomach is very sensitive and it’s where we store so much in our bodies. A lot of emotions, stress and other things.
I’m just thinking of all the crap we are doing to ourselves. Bad food that we are eating, stress, bad routines, they all kind of root down in the stomach. It was so painful and I was literally lying and staring at my friend opposite of me.  Anger, panic, tears and pain. We had to lie there and relax instead of fight it.
I think it’s one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done. I could feel the pulsation in the stomach. It was so weird and basically like having an alien inside of you. I guess that’s just the heartbeat we feel in the stomach.
We finished quite late and after lunch we were free. We took our time and in the afternoon, we took a taxi into town. It was nice to explore the city a bit. Ubud is so pretty. I find it to be authentic, pretty, spiritual and less exploited (for now) compared to Thailand.
There are so many healthy places here it’s incredible. If you are vegetarian/vegan this is basically heaven on earth. We walked around in the center, did some window shopping and then found this AMAZING cafe called Down to Earth.

It’s like a health store/cafe and restaurant and they sell everything healthy you can ever think of. Smoothies, raw chocolate, desserts, and so good food. I had a non-dairy coconut ice-cream and a young coconut and was in Heaven.

Then we ladies pampered ourselves and I got a one-hour facial massage which was incredible. I just feel that after 2 years in China my skin has really been suffering. It was amazing to have scrubs, cucumber, aloe vera, creams and tonics and just some love to the face. I felt like a new person afterwards.
Then we went back to Down to Earth and had an amazing dinner at the balcony. Such a good happy day with my yogi friends. We were so full but mesmerised by the good desserts that we brought some back.
Funnily enough, after only one yoga practice in the day, I almost felt that something was missing. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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