YTT Day 3 – Kriyas

We all start to get more comfortable in meditation. Today we had a different technique that is used in Buddhist Vipassana meditations. We also started to learn about Kriyas. This is the cleansing practice that yogis do in the morning.


I found it really hard, but will eventually get there. It’s all about awareness in the body. Again, the surroundings here are amazing. There are plumeria flowers everywhere here in Bali. White, pink, orange, red, and they smell amazing.
This makes me feel so happy, it’s my favourite flower ever and just smelling it makes me have a big smile on my face. I think it’s one of the things I love the most in life.
This morning I was a bit less sore than yesterday (but still sore). I’m so tired after that first practice, but I know the day will be long. We have literally 12h of program here every day. Thank god for the lunch break and the short afternoon break.
In the afternoon, we had two asana clinics and went through more postures. We also have homework we need to do every day. I realise there are so many things to think of. Breath, instruction, English name, Sanskrit, Cues, modifications. All following the flow of the sequence.
I really love it, and it’s nice to be 100% concentrated on yoga. We also went through some chants today which was really nice. A full day of practice, meditation, singing, kriyas, posture clinic, and teachings!
My day ended with a well-deserved 1h oil massage by a beautiful Balinese lady who was so good. I would like to become a massage therapist like her. Homework done, time to sleep, tomorrow is another day.

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