YTT Day 2 – Meditation

I slept much better and woke up more fresh. I must have been so nervous yesterday for that first practice. Luckily I’m already in the Mysore schedule so waking up at 6 is not hard anymore. The Shala where we are practicing is so beautiful. All wooden, open place with a beautiful space with an amazing view to practice.


I like to come 30 minutes/1h before it all starts to do my personal meditation. I told myself that I will really use this month to get back deep into my meditation practice. The view is just so beautiful, you are basically in the wild jungle with 30m high coconut trees and the light that shines through and you almost don’t think it’s real.
In the morning, we had a meditation and pranayama class. We did a meditation technique with thinking of a sound, learning how to sit comfortably, and how to find our ujjayi breath. I’m so happy I chose this course and we really cover a lot of stuff.
2h of Ashtanga practice, always in the morning, and I was quite sore today. The food here is amazing too, all healthy, vegetarian, diverse and delicious. I’ve never had such good vegetarian food before.
Lunchtime is so nice here, we have two hours where we can chill, swim in the pool, just rest and relax. In the afternoon, we had a lecture on the history of Ashtanga yoga. Next week there will be an Indian philosopher coming, I’m so looking forward to that.
Then we had an asana clinic, followed by another modified primary series Ashtanga practice. That is 2 hardcore practices per day for at least 3h. Then in the afternoon, it’s also quite physical as we teach each other.
Already on day 2 we started to teach each other. It’s much harder than I thought but I’ll get there. I’m also now really happy that I studied the names and know the sequence from before, it will make it easier.
The teachers here are great too, knowledgeable, friendly, professional, funny and just beautiful souls of people. They are all very approachable and they really believe in us. We have a lot of fun here together.

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