Surrendering into the mat

I had a pretty rough week last week. Some smaller yoga injuries that I got upset about as I can’t do the practice as I use to. A little worried too as it’s not long left to YTT and then some other personal matters. But, after some “yoga withdrawal”, I can’t really say it like that since it’s not really a withdrawal. It basically means that I went to one class per day and not two. But still, that’s a withdrawal for me.


Then boom, I just let go. Instead of being angry and nervous I just surrendered. I realised that my body is part of me and that I have to listen to it. I have my whole life to practice so what difference does a few days do. I can remember this particular class that was really nice. I did some meditation in the morning. Whenever I can’t do as much of a physical practice, I try to mediate more.
I was so calm that I even forgot my laptop to work! So I had to spend 2h in the metro to go back and get it, but it was ok. I was in my surrendering mood and just tried to let things happen. If that would have been me a few months back I would have been furious, anxious, nervous and it would have destroyed the whole day. But not this time.  
In the evening, I went to a new teacher’s class. I came early so did another 15 minutes of meditation, time just flew by. It’s so nice to meditate before class. Then, I surrendered into the mat. It was nicer than ever to just smell the slight rubber smell, feel my weight just sinking down in the mat. All sorrows and difficult happenings of the week just melted away because it was just me and the mat, nothing else. 
It was a very nice practice where I felt calm and strong, not on the outside but on the inside too. So when you have those tough weeks, yoga is more welcoming than ever. It also gives perspective of life and little by little we let go. 

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