Ashtanga Fail & White Fungus

It’s been a while since I’ve been writing and I kind of miss it. I’ve had a bit of Ashtanga fail for the past two weeks and yoga “down”. I feel I’ve reached a stack where I’m kind of standing still in my practice. Hard to get up in the morning, hurting joints and don’t feel as strong as before. Perhaps it’s spring and the changing temperatures. Every year when spring comes in April/May, I find my energy just runs out and I get drained.


It should be the opposite feeling though with the sun coming out, sunshine and the city starts to become green again. Or maybe it’s the winter that is “leaving” my body and it’s hard. Or, maybe it’s just the change of season. Spring time has always been harder for me. My hair looks terrible, like a svinto scrub (like those metallic brushes you use to wash metal pans with).
I have an appointment with the hairdresser soon, so tired of my hair I just want to shave it all off. Sure I should be grateful that it’s thick, it’s just so damn much that some days I feel more like a horse than a human. Anyways, this will pass, so will the Ashtanga down too. Ashtanga has increased in popularity in my yoga studio which is maybe good but not great for me.
This means that the studio is completely packed at 7:30 in the morning. I can hardly find any space and it’s been a week since I haven’t had any help, look or whatsoever from the teacher. He is busy trying to help the Ashtanga newbies which is a good thing but the reason I come to Mysore is because I want to progress and make sure I do things right. Otherwise, I might just do it at home.
That best class I had a few weeks back, that’s when I came before 7 am and I was almost first in the studio. I love the calm, stillness and concentration. Later it just gets more messy. Maybe I just need some new inspiration. I’m also a bit tired of always being the only foreigner. Even if it’s a self-practice, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more foreign faces around.
Next week I’ll try to go to the other Mysore classes with the foreign teacher. I know, that’s the one I didn’t like before but I should give him another chance. Maybe I should just swallow my proudness and go for it. The more I read and learn about Ashtanga yoga, I realise maybe he is right. Maybe it’s me who sometimes want to rush things too fast.
Maybe I should just enjoy my practice, not do so much and let it take the time it takes to progress. When I went last time with this teacher I had a hard time remembering the sequence and he suggested I stop at a much earlier stage than I normally do. I also didn’t really like his adjustments but now I’m more flexible and I feel different so we will see. 

White Fungus = Not good

No, I haven’t been stricken with some weird disease. Just the other weekend, I went for lunch after a yoga workshop. Whilst waiting for my partner, I thought I was going to be healthy so bought this Osmanthus drink white fungus drink. I love Osmanthus tea so I thought this must be good. What I was expecting was a fresh refreshing drink after yoga with some flower taste. What I got was some kind of jelly-like water that tasted like sugar and half the bottle was filled with white fungus which was as appetizing as it sounds.
It was like drinking water that has been standing still in a lake for a year. Jelly like some white alien like creatures crawling down my throat. Morbid as I am, I still drank the whole thing, no matter how disgusting it was. Why? Well, I thought as I bought it and it was quite pricey I might as well finish it. I don’t like to leave things. To justify this, I started to google what the possible benefits are of white fungus.
The Chinese possibly can’t eat/drink this stuff for the taste. What I found was that it’s supposed to be anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and good for our lungs. Also that it keeps our skin young as it’s collagen inside similar to bird’s nest but much cheaper. Reading all of this made the swallowing a bit easier bit still. I’ve decided to never ever again have white fungus if I can avoid it of course.
There are many health products that are supposed to be good for us, but some of them are just too hard to consume. Like wheat grass shots, I can’t drink that either. I’m not a cow. 


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