New Heights

Last Friday I reached some new heights and sensations in my yoga practice. That day I decided to go to 3 classes for 4h. One Ashtanga Mysore in the morning, one Gentle Flow followed by a normal Flow class. If this was me 6 months ago, it would have been impossible. But, regular practice have paid it off. I even went out afterwards to see some friends. Proof that yoga is truly energising!


In the morning, I had my best Mysore practice ever. I woke up by myself and could hardly wait to leave the house. I came early and felt focused and energised. When the mind is not drifting away, you can really feel the moving meditation that Ashtanga is. The teacher helped me with some new adjustments earlier on in the practice and I could even bind. Maybe that stiff body starts to give up after all.
I left feeling great and strong. In the evening, I was booked for a double class with my favourite teacher. The first one was a bit slower but still got warm. I do appreciate more calm classes now where I can really feel the postures without rushing through. This teacher also tells amazing stories so it’s as beneficial for the mind and the intellect as it is for the body. The 
The third class was a regular Flow. This is how I wish all Flow classes were taught! Sequencing and moving relatively slowly, mindfully but such a hard workout. Everyone was sweating on their mats and I was really hot. But I like the aspect of moving mindfully, even in harder positions. It’s not just the position but how you get in and out of it as well. The movement becomes a state of mind where you don’t think anymore. You just do and “Flow”. I do prefer this kind of practice with music, but better to have no music than bad music.
When I came out, I felt like a whole new person. I was truly in a “Yoga high” of endorphins. It was like floating whilst walking. My body felt so soft, warm on the inside and I just never have experienced something similar before. I met up with some friends after, and even talking was like talking through a tunnel of rainbow colours and shimmering light. So content, happy, relaxed and energised. If you feel stiff and cold, try to do a double yoga class, just take it easy to not get hurt. I’m definitely in for that again this week. 

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