Stillness in your practice

Last week I discovered a new sensation in my practice. I went to the regular mid-week 90 minutes Flow class and discovered a whole new feeling. Maybe this is what yogis talk about when finding stillness in the mind?



Maybe it’s because I start to get stronger and don’t have to put as much effort in the practice. I think everything was the same with the practice. Same teacher, the same amount of students, more or less the same music and movements, sequence. Yet, something felt very different. It was as time slowed down. I suddenly felt very calm, empty and just enjoying the seconds. Not minutes, but the seconds felt like minutes. I found a new kind of stillness of just being, a very nice but new feeling. Just being still, breathing, observing the breath and the skin of the body. Suddenly, I felt very light, movements were done without any effort and I had a feeling I was “floating” in space.
If you want to discover some out of the body experiences I can recommend yoga. It all comes slowly.  

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