Differences of OM ॐ

Have you been in a yoga class where in the beginning and/or in the end of class everyone join in for a vibrating “OM” chant? If I think about it, I haven’t been to that many yoga classes that have it but I have to say I like it. Not only does it help to get that breathing going. Singing out something loud really gets you thinking of what’s inside of your lungs. Some days it may just be a peep as we so often forget how to breathe. 


Maybe some fitness studios think it’s too much. And some yoga styles just don’t do it, like Bikram for example. The classes I joined since September never had it, but recently in this new yoga studio, I’ve rarely been to classes where we didn’t start the class this way. Not only does it only feel nice, I also think it’s a nice “gathering” of the teacher and the class. A kind of collective togetherness before the practice starts.
Sometimes the OM is nice, sometimes it’s terrible. Not that it’s actually singing but there are some notes that don’t go well together.  I remember this class from last week in particular. In the beginning of class, it sounded like a crispy guitar. Everyone sang with a different tone, it was short, out of breath and not so nice. In the end of that particular challenging and hot class. Wow, in the end, it was such a difference. Everyone tuned in on the same length and on the same tone as one strong voice.
If you do practice and your practice include the chanting of OM. Think about how the whole room kind of vibrates when you do it. I can especially feel it between my fingers. And those few seconds that come afterwards are also really nice, just bliss and peaceful. All OM’s are different. Some teachers sing really high, some very deep and low. Some sing more like an “Ahh” sound, some more “Oooom” and some all three letters “AUM”. I just like to hear and feel the difference before and after class.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

– Nikola Tesla

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