When yoga saves you

The other day I had a really bad day. I had a lot on my mind and nothing really turned out as I wanted them to. With so many thoughts in my mind, the day kind of dragged on. Being a quite sensitive person, when this happens,  I can’t really think about anything positive. It becomes almost painful thinking about the future, things, life. Unbearable. 


The whole day, I had a hard time to focus. Gathering my thoughts, step up. Rationally, I knew what had to be done, be strong and really the solutions to what made me sad. In reality, I felt so small, so little, weak and like I had taken 10 steps back in life. Life goes around in circles I find. Not really linear, but circular. We sometimes come back to the same spot, or even behind from where we were. But maybe it’s necessary, to be able to draw a bigger loop, a bigger circle for the next circle of life.
The only soothing thought I could think of, was to count the minutes until the Flow class in the evening with my favourite teacher. Just to be in that familiar room, on the small thin and sticky mat. Hearing those tunes and reconnect with myself again.
Time came and I’ve never been happier than to step on the mat. What yoga does to you when you are in this kind of sad mood is to bring it out. You get perspective, even though it’s just for an hour or an hour and a half. It’s a “safe” place where you can step out of life sometimes. You leave your mind alone, focusing on small things like alignment, looking at your toes, feeling your breathing.
This class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, sometimes Fridays are my favourite moments in the week. I know I have mentioned it before, but again, the music is so good. Soothing, calm, drips, like heartbeats or like I call it, like the Interstellar music. It was so nice to feel whole again.
Normally I would maybe have been in a devastated mood for a couple of days. Having been to yoga class, I found myself the process was much quicker and stronger. After class, I still had some moaning feelings that were quite strong, but different. It was like I could just “let go”. Physically and emotionally exhausted, I went home, a little down but calm. I slept and the next day, I woke up like a new person.
I felt strong again, I could focus on the future, my projects and life. And I do believe this was thanks to yoga. So if you are going through a difficult period in your life, grief, or just are in a bad mood. Go to yoga! It will balance you out, and after you’ll know what to do. The answers are there, just that sometimes we don’t see them clearly.  

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