When you lose the sense of time

The other day I was thinking about time and how we relate to it. What makes something seem like a long time? What about seconds that fly away? Maybe it isn’t time that is the changing factor, but our perception and what we choose to do with time. 


I went to this Flow hour class yesterday with a new teacher. I remember a few months back, a 90 minutes lesson seemed really long. More than once I’ve been wondering how I was going to stay through it. In a 90 minute long practice, you have time to breathe, meditate, warm up, work core, strength, flexibility, inversions, and have a long relaxing Shavasana too.
Without thinking so much about it, the 90 minutes practice has become “normality” now. A typical week will start with 90 minutes of Ashtanga MySore practice in the morning and then 90 minutes of Flow in the evening. Yikes! That’s 3h per day! Funny enough it doesn’t seem that long. MySore used to feel really long but somehow I get more into it now. Sometimes the sun salutations are a bit long, but it’s what sets the tone for the rest of the practice. It’s the first 20 minutes/half an hour where I feel my body, I’m checking how I am today. Then it’s that middle part that first used to be so long but I guess I’m putting more effort into all the poses now.
I’m always happy to start with the finishing sequence. Not because it’s the end, but because I like these postures and the way they make me feel. So yesterday I did this 1h Flow class and it seemed really short! It almost felt stressful, I could have swore it was only 30 minutes but then I checked the clock and the hour was over.
Then I’m thinking of when time seems to pass by really slowly. Like when the teacher counts in a difficult pose. 5 breaths can be an eternity, sometimes even 2 breaths can feel so long. Arms and legs shaking, pain in the muscles and it’s just the mind that decides you to stay where you are. It’s interesting with Yoga how it makes you reflect on time. 3h per day doesn’t seem that long to me. But 8h at work can be really really long. 1h can pass by quickly or as it was 10h.
One thing I’ve learned so far is that we should try to stay in the moment. Not rush things, everything comes at its own pace and we should enjoy the ride. I’m sometimes a bit too future oriented, trying to think about a perfect future instead of appreciating moments I live now. Yoga helps with that as it really brings you back in time, to the now, yourself, your breath and that 1×2 meters space on your mat. Nothing else.

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