Chaos Monday

Today was one of those weird days. After a weekend away I was quite happy to go to bed early and ready to start my new yoga week. I woke up early, left the house and then panicked as I couldn’t find my wallet. Gone was that morning calm and enthusiasm to arrive early to the MySore class. I ran up, searched all bags, jackets, pockets. Damn! No bank cards, no yoga card, no metro card, how was I going to solve this?!


After 15 minutes or so, I brought myself together. Grabbed a couple of coins for the metro and took off. I had to deal with that later. First, yoga. It’s funny how you react in this kind of situations. You get a real sense of priority. For now, I could only focus on getting to class to have a different start of my morning. I was happy to be back in that familiar warm room. My back was stiff after having slept literally on a wooden board and I felt like 60 years old at least.
Even sun salutations were painful and my downward dog felt more like a crippled dog. I was scared of putting too much weight on my wrist. I even couldn’t breathe properly in sun salutations B. Hm, weekend getaway, no more for me in this period of time. As I warmed up, things got better though. I realised I didn’t have any wrist pain, I just had to get warmed up a bit.
As soon as I get warm, I start to feel stronger and I get more of a flow in my practice. There were quite many people there today. Some new people who looked like they were suffering a lot. Maybe I’m not so bad after all? The teacher now trusts me to know the sequence. Well, sometimes I miss some tiny things but I remember them afterwards.
I didn’t get so much help but it was ok. Only in Marichyasana C which has now become a “key pose” for me. I can feel that once I progress in this one, I will be able to do much more. Sometimes I also don’t know if I should wait for the teacher, and if so, for how long? Anyway, for 90 minutes I forgot all about my missing wallet and it was quite nice to have a second start of my week.
Up until lunch, I was looking for my wallet. Did I leave it in the car? Was it in the office? Did I drop it in the street? It’s terrible to have this kind of stress, but I think I would have been much more stressed out if I hadn’t done yoga in the morning. Funny, the thing I was most freaked out over was none of my bank cards but the yoga card. Just thinking of how inconvenient it would be to memorize my number combination and say it in Chinese twice per day. That and my personal pictures of friends of family. I’m a bit traditional so keep photos in my wallet.
Then something happened and boom! There is was. My wallet was just lying there alone in the corner. I must have dropped it on Friday and it was there all weekend. I’m so lucky! So instead of worrying about get new cards, cancelling the old ones etc. I can now look forward to tonight’s flow class! With such a start I’m taking it a bit slow today, don’t want to loose anything.  


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