Feel Good Ashtanga

Sunday I went to the led intro class. Even though it was in Chinese it wasn’t so hard to follow. That’s one of the benefits with Ashtanga, once you have learnt the sequence,  you actually know what you are doing and can build on that. I’ve had quite many yoga challenges lately and with last week’s down side to Ashtanga I felt it was time to get a boost. 


It was a led intro class where the teacher did everything from the beginning. Few days back I also had a led lesson and it was really helpful to learn how to get in to some postures. The difference is all in the details. How to hold your hands, how you get in to Warrior 1 not to loose your balance. It was a great practice and I felt strong and full of confidence. Now I was ready for a week of MySore. It was also with the teacher I like.
He is kind and pushes people when needed. In MySore he kind of leaves you alone to your practice and will come and help you out with some of the harder postures. The other one I tried, I felt intimidated and almost disturbed in my practice. I got nervous, forgot things and couldn’t breathe properly.
Monday I was back to MySore and tried to do the full 90 minutes this time. I tried to remember how to incorporate all the small tips I’ve learned last week and it helped! I already start to become more flexible and strong and I’m not longer so much out of breath after 90 minutes. Of course, the class is hard and warm but I can do it.
If I only accomplish one thing in a day, it might as well be the 90 minutes practice. And all before 9 am! Talk about a good start. When you do a regular practice in the morning, the rest of the day doesn’t matter as much. Things that go well, not so well, I feel happy anyway for some of the things I actually managed to do in the morning.
Get up early, go to practice, practice on the mat, push harder and slowly make a little bit of progress every day. More than just the practice it seems to change my mind as well. I feel more happy, more encouraged and eager to learn other things in life as well. 

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