Yoga Addiction

It’s not until you stop you realise how much you missed yoga. During the holidays, I so badly wanted to do a lot of yoga now that I had more time. Unfortunately, my body had other plans and I ended up “resting” for 3 days. Now that might not be a lot you think. Well, those 3 days felt like 6 weeks, literally. 


Maybe I’m a bit extreme, but as soon as I stopped going to yoga the strangest things happened to my body. I started to have a back pain, neck pain, feeling stressed, emotional, sad and in general, not in a great shape. Is this how I would normally feel with our normal lifestyle without yoga? That’s quite scary. Maybe because I didn’t exercise that much during those days but still, 3 days!
I’m thinking of our society where on the one hand, we have treated so many diseases with new vaccines and improved health care. On the other hand,  we as a human kind are becoming more obese, stressed with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer and all kinds of terrible sickness. How many do you know who complain about a back pain? Mouse arm? Neck sprain? I even know young people who have these problems, it shouldn’t be that way!
As a 15-year-old I had a lot of back pain. Mainly due to stress but also from all the horseback riding I used to do. I remember lying on the floor crying out of pain and I had to go to the chiropractor once a month to get me fixed. Luckily dancing saved me from that. Maybe that pain that I felt in the absence of yoga is rooted in the same body? Maybe, in fact, I have a really stiff back and neck from years of working? Now that is scary.
Whilst it maybe was good for me to hold it back a bit for a few days to heal I was so happy to start my practice again. I remember when I started doing yoga how much I hated downward facing dog. It was just so uncomfortable. These days it’s one of my absolute favourite poses, I just love to be able to stretch out that poor neck and back always sitting. I’m happy I started this amount of yoga now in my 30s and not later.
I even wondered if the pain was really related to yoga or not. Well the proof, I started my practice again yesterday and hoop, no more pain. That simple. So now I might as well continue doing yoga. 

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