That day I took a Chinese yoga class (中文)

I’m back in the game! Excited for my first yoga class since 3 days, I decided to try a new teacher. The studio has been closed for a week and two of the classes I wanted to go to initially were fully booked. This was a 1h “normal Flow”, great! I thought. A quite packed class, I was happy to have found a place near the wall in case there were some crazy inversions going on. 


I saw the teacher in this pink jumpsuit. Apparently she has been a private trainer for Madonna (!). She put on some nice soothing Chinese trans like music. Then the class started, in Chinese! Hm, I had a slight panic. New teacher, new class, a quite new studio too and a whole class in Chinese, how was I going to handle this?! On top of it, she didn’t demonstrate the poses either, just did the talking.  
I was now more than happy that I picked my spot in the back so I could look at the other students. The level varied quite a lot and it took a while before I could spot “the” girl to look at. People were doing different modifications and many times I wasn’t sure which one to try. Some poses were entirely new to me too.
A few times she used the Sanskrit name for the postures and damn I was happy. Finally, something I could understand. I now realise the irony of having to choose between Chinese or Sanskrit… To be honest, I think I prefer Sanskrit, even if it’s a language that’s not used so much anymore other than for text, yoga and Buddhistic scripts. Yet another motivation to learn more Sanskrit!
I made it through the class but felt I missed so much in the absence of comprehension. In moments like this, I really like Ashtanga for that. You know what you are doing and can kind of focus on the breath and wind away. Here I had to look up from wherever I was to see if someone changed anything. The positive part is that I know how to say breath in and breath out in Chinese now 🙂 1h of repetition! 

吸气 (Xī qì) / 呼吸 (Hū xī) 

So now I’m a bit discouraged to take classes with the Chinese ladies. Apart from the new MySore teacher I’ll try to stick to the ones I know and like. But it was a fun experience, always learning!

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