Today was day 3 of MySore Ashtanga practice. (There are more posts about this earlier on in this blog). I’ve decided to make a radical transition into my yoga practice. I’ve been practicing 5-6 days per week for about 3 months now. Twice/3 times per week with a teacher and then home practice. This week I’ve decided to take this to a different level. 


I’m adding a practice per day now so will try to do two classes per day. I just recently got an unlimited membership in a yoga studio so better to take advantage of it. With me there is no kind of smooth way, it’s all in or nothing. That’s how I work. So Tuesday evening, ok I missed class since I thought we were in summer time. But then Wednesday I went to my first real MySore which was a great experience. 
Yesterday, I then added in an “Upside-down” flow class in the afternoon where I went with two girlfriends. The class in three words? Hard, intense and fun. It was a long time since I haven’t felt that kind of exhausted feeling in the body. Every muscle had worked and even typing was an effort after that. Do you have sleeping problems? Try yoga, I was ready to go to bed by 7 pm…
So today I’m quite achy but it’s ok. End of the week, Friday and the studio is closed next week  so it’s just better to give it all. Went to the third MySore in the morning and didn’t forget the beginning this time. Before, the vinyasa transition was kind of painful. I wasn’t strong so even doing a few sun salutations was a big challenge. Now, I’m thankful when it comes and the flow is more natural. I wouldn’t say relaxing though.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.28.50 PM

Today I’ll go to the same “Flow 2” class I went to last Friday for my trial class. I remember being so intimidated by all the good yogis there. This week I’m feeling brave and trying out things I have never done before. Another 90 minutes tonight and then I think I’ll be pretty done. I’m a bit worried if my arms will be able to support me though but I can only do my best. 
So why this much yoga? Well, I thought that if I really want to prepare and become good for the teacher training I need to train hard. Next week will be MySore with a friend and then maybe a class after that but not as intense as this week. If you really want something in life, you have to work for it. I’d love to feel strong in the body and calm in the mind. 
So I’ll try this out now, see where it takes me. Maybe the first 2-3 weeks will be painful but then I hope that something will happen. We will see. In the meanwhile, I’m keeping up the work with bananas and matcha tea. For big transitions in life.

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