The Fitness Trend of Yoga

Whilst reading and getting more involved in yoga I had some thoughts about the fitness trend in yoga. Basically, how yoga has become so popular in the west, especially in big cities. It has become a big money making business with fancy new studios, clothing and accessories that go with it. Slim, tanned, sporty girls (and men) on Instagram. It feels like Yoga is being used just to get into shape and look beautiful on the outside.


Maybe I’m exaggerating but I think it has become a bit like this. Just because it’s “trendy”, it gets “used” for media and business. Not sure what I feel about that. Of course, it’s great if more people can feel good about themselves and get into shape. But I don’t think it’s like an aerobics fitness class. To focus just on the outside is like missing half of the point with yoga.
We had this discussion today with my yoga teacher of how often we approach yoga from the outside in, from the outer body to shave off our layers to get to the inside and our minds. He said that sometimes people get stuck here, they don’t look further but are “stuck” in the outer body.
Then it’s the inner approach where you need to reflect, meditate and do other types of work and practice. Ideally, I think is you work on both sides so you meet in the middle. Ultimately a calm mind will have a stronger will power to master the body. A stronger body can also calm the mind. There is probably no right or wrong but these are just some thoughts that came up today.

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