Raphael Melo – Day 4 – Body


The feeling is similar to be a little bit sore everywhere. But not so much it hurts, it’s more of a stretchy feeling, in all of the tissues in the body. I can feel my shoulders from yesterday in the (name pose) fold. It’s a strange feeling of being a little bit sore, and yet longing to get back into that posture.


The vinyasa sequences feel more smooth. I can move more in harmony with the breath. The body is more together, like one, instead of cutting the sequence into different parts. Sometimes I used to forget to breathe in whilst doing something so then I became out of air and the flow got interrupted.
Today my focus was in the lower shoulders and those muscles that are below the armpits. “The human wings” I’ll call them. How to rotate the shoulders, train this to create space between the neck and the shoulders, push back, squeeze in the elbows and “activate” those imaginary wings.
We did an exercise with downward facing dog but with wider arms. Strange feeling, it was as the bone inside the arm twisted (although I know that isn’t true). Shoulders back and out and arms in somehow. Then we went up in a handstand that felt very different with this new shoulder foundation.
I also found myself looking at the roof when holding a strong posture. Listening to my breathing (that I actually remember to do now :), and the force of my legs just admiring that short, strong and beautiful moment. Looking up the roof and just absorbing the sensations in my whole body.
What I do love about yoga is this inside/outside feelings. It’s all interconnected. I can feel every part of my body like never before, pay attention to the toes, the weight, the hips. It’s like discovering yourself for the first time again.
Yoga is naked in a sense. I’m sure that teachers can see the students. Our aches, worries, bodies and maybe what’s on our minds. Sometimes I get the feeling they ask things to be socially polite and correct but that they see actually how we are. Maybe I’m wrong.
It’s like stripping yourself down to the bone and embrace everything. The good, the bad, work with all the different parts. One step at the time, maybe for a lifetime.

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