Raphael Melo – Day 2

Day 2

Today I had something interesting happening in forward fold with wide legs. I realised I’m much more flexible than I think I am and that it’s really mind over matter. The teacher helped me, it’s normally quite an easy pose for me. He helped me to bend through so I literally saw a new horizon in the sky and my arms and shoulders bent over what felt like 15 cm further than I usually go.


More than pain, I was surprised by this ability. I didn’t know I could do that. Now I know what I can work with doing that posture. I felt a little sore afterwards as the shoulders don’t normally go that far but ok.
We also did some (or tried) some side crow poses. I have such a hard time with those ones. It’s like my arms are too short and my bum too big. How on earth will I ever be able to lift up through the arms and then do things with the legs? Maybe in a 5 years time… Baby steps, some poses are good, some I can’t do, but it’s ok.
It was a quite meditative class today, found some stillness and envy to wanting to meditate more.
The second breakthrough today, I got some help to go up in a tripod headstand! A pose that feels very awkward for me, I think I can do it but I somehow lack the mind to lift up the first 10 cm. Got some help and felt great! Like opening up a feather.

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