Back to myself

One thing that’s happening in this new journey of yoga is that I start to find my way back to myself. It feels good and almost as coming “home”. I realise I was quite truthful to myself when I was 15, 20 years old. Then I went off on this journey of corporate life. Not saying I haven’t had some good 10 years but somehow I’ve been separated from my true self.


Going back to this regular practice again makes me feel more aware in my daily life. It’s like being naked again, see things how they really are and accepting them or working on them.
It feels good and also a little bit scary at the same time. Maybe this is what they call life. Now I now what I will work on for the next 10 years and I think I can also make it. Unless many other hobbies, yoga fits as a lifestyle and is flexible enough to go with you in life no matter. Injuries, pregnancy, heart-broken, old, young, tired, energetic, there is a yoga for everyone.

Fierce, force & Flexibility

Back to my regular yoga practice now and I can feel a clear difference. Those 5 days of morning yoga last week have really changed me. I feel strong, flexible, energetic and like a wonderwoman. It’s a fantastic feeling I haven’t felt in a long time, maybe 10 years.

2 thoughts on “Back to myself

  1. Congratulations, Jalita, on embarking on a new yoga journey. I am so happy our paths have overlapped for these few months!


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